Relationship Aspect Categories

Key Aspects – Show a direct, strong contact. There is intense feelings of sympathy or antipathy. Direct understanding, personal similarities or differences that create balance in a couple.

Emotional Aspects – Tell about emotional or spiritual contact, about love, hatred and strong emotions in general. Perceptiveness, tenderness or emotional and inner misunderstandings.

Uplifting Aspects – Give a punch of interest but can be destabilizing and break ties. Easy going feelings, a lot of freedom, no stereotype and routine or also no bounds at all.

Friendly Aspects – Are good for communication, many common topics, similar interests and opinions, often the same way of thinking.

Communication Barrier Aspects – Bring obstacles to communication, misunderstandings, differences in thinking and opinions and often few common topics.

Attraction Aspects – Show passion, a spark, tensions, attraction from one or the other side. Sexual energy that can last for a moment or burn long.

Karmic Aspects – Indicate controversial connections, a bond despite tensions, hardship of letting go.

Traumatic Aspects – Indicate frustration, misunderstandings, conflicts, tensions that drain. These are hard to live with and tend to cause separation.

Harmonic Aspects – Show harmonic exchange of energies, many supporting influences and similarities.

Disharmonic Aspects – Bring open conflict or differences. Division that can cause fights or supplementation of the opposite.

Neutral Aspects – Are undecided potentials. These aspects can work out for good or bad depending on how other energies in the synastry and both the individuals are set and used.