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This FREE Personal horoscope is based on the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth and the constellations they create. This is an individual horoscope and it applies only to you. Its purpose is to describe your personality in as much detail as possible. Go to the Data Entry Form

The Personal Horoscope consists of these parts:

Planet interpretations by sign, house and aspect for FREE
Planet dominance and strength calculation is the most thorough one on the internet
Dominant Personality Features is an analysis of the 13 mostly researched chart areas
Planet Positions a list of positions including, exaltations, zodiac and house rulership
Chart Drawing, Aspect Grid and Active Midpoints

The Dominant planet, the Dominant couple or the Strongest planet?

Curious what is your dominant planet? Try the most thorough planet strength calculation on the internet that is part of our FREE Personal Horoscope.

Searching for a dominant planet is very popular in modern astrology and it is often forgotten that not everybody has a true dominant planet and that it is alright not to have one. This service returns three possible states for the most important planet:

Dominant Planet is a case where one planet has outstanding strength leaving the others far behind. A person with a dominant planet tends to be a specialist in the areas of the dominant planet and can be perceived as an earthly embodiment of the dominant planetary principle. Such person is living within the areas of the dominant principle or is strongly attracted by them. When facing life challenges this individual chooses from a few familiar strategies.

Dominant Couple is a rare case where most energy is bundled by two planets nearly equal in strength and all the other planets are dwarfed. A dominant couple is a merger of two exceptionally strong principles, the resulting personality traits depend a lot on the compatibility of the planetary principles. The life specialization of the bearer is huge. Most of all in his life is connected to energies of the dominant couple.

Strongest Planet is the first in strength among the planets in a horoscope of many equals. Balance and versatility in life strategies is the benefit here. The strongest planet shows the energies most spread through the life, however other planetary energies are healthy and fulfilling alternatives.

A last configuration, the Triumvirate or a "Dominant Trio", is not part of this report as such occurrence is only a hypothesis and has not been observed. Such case requires three planetary principles bundling all the energy and the remaining planets have close to no power.

Planet dominance of the whole Radix Horoscope is telling much about general life attitudes, want to know about your Love Planet Dominance? Try our Love Horoscope

The planet strength index is calculated on a range of carefully selected and balanced indicators that are time proven and known also from the works of foremost astrologers. The exact formula is proven by our experience and is a secret of ours, however see below some of the used criteria:

Planet position by sign, house and planetary aspect
Horoscope Axes and house types
Michel Gauquelin's findings about planet strength
Personal midpoints
Fixed stars, HAYZ, 0° Aries, Cazimi, planetary speed and Vertex influence
Planet domicile, fall, exaltation and exile
Overall house/sign occupation
Planet, sign and house rulers

Note: Chart shapes and aspect patterns will be added soon to complete the formula.

The Dominant Personality Features

The Dominant Personality Features is a group of 13 indicators used in personal horoscope divination. This indicators describe much of the personality core and are base for astrological divination.

Hemisphere emphasis or deficiency Sign Quality abundance or deficiency
Sign Elements abundance or deficiency House Emphasis
Aspect Type abundance or deficiency House Quality abundance or deficiency
Sign Emphasis Ascendant sign
Planet dominance and strength Retrogradity of Mercury, Venus and Mars
Mercury's relative position to the Sun Venus relative position to the Sun
Soli-lunar phase

Birth Signs are not all of astrology

Midpoints in the Personal horoscope

I have many disharmonious aspects, am I a bad person?

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