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This is a unique service to demonstrate a very interesting, however, somewhat advanced astrological method. The Midpoint Transit Calculator is all about your midpoints. If you never heard about midpoints, have a start here. Midpoints can significantly add to the astrological description of your personality in natal astrology and they are also significant in predictive astrology.

There are two general types of influences involving midpoints. The first is when your birth midpoints are transited by planets. The second is when transiting midpoints influence your birth chart bodies. So, if Pluto transits your birth Sun / Venus midpoint you can go to extremes in love, perceive obsession in love or find a special person that exerts a lot control over you. The transiting Jupiter / Pluto midpoint transiting your birth Sun can bring huge ambitions, huge goals or huge egoism.

Isn’t there to many of this influences, how to make sense of it all?

How to enter the time and geographical information

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