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Welcome to our free personalized daily horoscope!

free interpretations; personalized calculation; influences sorted by importance; birth midpoints; transiting midpoints; Chiron transits; Lilith; North Node; Vertex; scoring of influences;

This is no generalized horoscope; the results are unique only for you. Our software compares positions of planets from your day and place of birth to the current positions and then calculates relevant influences. This astrological method is called transits and it is just one of the most common methods used. This service, however, is far from common.

To make our horoscope more accurate and interesting we applied our experience with predictive astrology and made some cool enhancements. What our calculation is using are some special bodies like:

the North Node
the Vertex
transiting midpoints and
planetary transits (in relation to your birth midpoints – find more about those here)

This range of calculations is unique for an on-line service and would otherwise be available only after installing some expensive software on your computer. On Horoscope Yourself you can use it for FREE.

Our interpretations are not fatalistic; we don't use a fortune-telling type of astrology. Instead our standpoint is that horoscopes can tell you about your inner universe and the way it is set-up. With the help of transits we are able to tell how your inner universe is affected by other people, "other universes" and your surroundings. However there is no reaction without an action, so if you happen to be someone not interested in pursuing a career, your career-related aspects are likely to influence you very weakly or even pass without any impact. This is not to say that miracles do not happen, they do, but they do more often when we provide them with a place to happen.

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