About Horoscope YourSelf

Who are we and why does this page exist?

The team of Horoscope Yourself currently consists of three people from Europe working on this page in their free time: Rudi (main astrologer, writer), Stefan (programmer, astrologer, writer) and Viera (editor, translator).

We look at astrology as a very complicated matter. While it is true that today almost everybody does know their astrological sign (Libra, Leo), only few are aware of the fact that it represents the position of the Sun in the zodiac at their moment of birth. And that is where astrology barely even starts. It is not just the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the planets, houses, aspects, stars, transits. There are also primary progressions, secondary progression (and many other progressions / directions), lunar revolutions, solar revolutions and planet revolutions, synastry horoscope, composite horoscope, asteroids, Arabic parts, midpoints ... and we could go on for a while.

Astrology is an enormous and fascinating field. Many services try to make it easier by leaving out complicated methodology and maybe making up something a bit more user-friendly or use only one method and say that this is all you need to know. We don't like that. That is why we started this page and will offer only real horoscopes based on real astrology and computerized astrology. We would like to make astrology easier and understandable for people that used the last 15 years of their life to pursue things other than some of the above mentioned topics.

In case of questions contact us at horoscopeyourself@gmail.com. Please be patient if you find some bugs, this page is still a work in progress. Be so kind and do let us know about any issues at our email address.