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We use advanced and comprehensive astrological methods, including some rarely applied techniques and special astrological objects.

Interested in special astrological objects that are not covered anywhere else, such as midpoints, asteroids, Lilith, Chiron, Vertex, the Nodal axis or fixed stars?

Would you like to find out how such rare methods like secondary progressions, solar and lunar revolutions apply to your horoscope?

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dominant planets, planet interpretations, active midpoints, chart drawings in our
Personal Horoscope
interpretations, mutual completion, categorizations and strength in our
Relationship Horoscope
daily influences, lists of active midpoints, all about Chiron and axes in our
Midpoint Calculator
interpretations, chart drawings, transiting midpoints, transits to midpoints in our Daily Horoscope
love life mapping with interpretations in our
Love Horoscope
tips for the health and the garden, information on aspects and void of course in our Lunar Calendar
a quick overview of important influences by sixth of sun sign in our
Weekly Sun Sign Horoscope
the most important influences for the year in a nutshell in our
Yearly Horoscope
chart drawings, influence overviews, plus asteroid midpoints in our
Asteroid Calculator
detailed interpretations of
Zodiac Signs
astrological socializing, user search by mutual aspect and esoteric debates in the Forum

What is coming soon?

Career Horoscope
Life Cycles Horoscope based on directions
Solar Revolutions
Lunar Revolutions
Aspect Pattern and Chart Shape calculator
Celebrity Horoscopes
More Chart Drawings

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